Marginly farming pools

Marginly farming pools

Recently Marginly has introduced a new set of pools across several networks. In case you missed that, here’s the table with the complete list of current farming pools Marginly supports:

# Network Marginly Pool Maturity, days AMM
1 Arbitrum PT USDe / USDC 69 Pendle
2 Arbitrum PT ezETH / ezETH 97 Pendle
3 Arbitrum PT weETH / weETH 97 Pendle
4 Arbitrum KNOX / eUSD Curve
5 Arbitrum ETH+ / ETH Curve
6 Arbitrum USDe / USDC Camelot
7 Ethereum PT USDe / USDT 39 Uniswap
8 Ethereum PT eETH / weETH 97 Pendle
9 Ethereum PT ezETH / ezETH 97 Pendle
10 Ethereum PT ezETH / WETH 188 Pendle
11 Blast USDe / USDB Thruster
12 Blast sUSDe / USDB Thruster

Pendle $ARB incentives

Thanks to our frens at Pendle, who agreed to spend some of their $ARB incentives from the STIP Bridge program we are incentivizing deposits of quote assets into our new Etherfi’s and Renzo’s PT pools. These are the pools marked in green in the above table.

Awesome Pendle team kindly agreed to distribute 400 $ARB tokens per week per pool. So hurry up, as in addition to the Spark farming you as an LP now will be eligible for $ARB tokens as well.

Etherfi points incentives

Good news, everyone! We’ve managed to keep the Etherfi and EigenLayer points for LPs who provide their weETH LRT to the corresponding Pendle pool. So in addition to Sparks, $ARBs, you still get to keep your EL and etherfi points you earn while holding the $weETH token. Ain’t that a formidable rewards lineup?

What about Renzo and ezETH? We couldn’t convince them to make the same generous move as Etherfi, so instead we will offer to increase the Sparks farming speed for the Renzo $ezETH Pool: Depending on the utilization the farming speed may reach up to 5x of the initial speed of 200 Sparks / 1 ezETH / day. The curve will look like this:

Marginly incentives

But wait! There is more exciting news: to amplify the message Marginly will raffle 1000 $ARB tokens to 10 random Twitter supporters who repost the original rewards announcement. Follow our social media and pay attention! You’ll only have time until 5th of July 12:00 UTC.

Final remarks

Marginly is ready to move to the next level with all these additional juicy rewards and incentives. Are you ready to advance to the next stage with Marginly? Don’t hesitate and provide liquidity

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