Marginly's Integration with X1: Paving the Way for Decentralized Leverage Trading

Marginly's Integration with X1: Paving the Way for Decentralized Leverage Trading

Marginly's recent integration with X1 blockchain signifies a notable development in the realm of DeFi, introducing innovative features and opportunities. As Marginly becomes the leverage trading baselayer for X1, it not only harnesses the power of X1’s zkEVM technology and Ethereum security but also opens the doors to web3 for the OKX user base via the integration with OKX wallet.

Key Features of X1

X1 blockchain leverages zkEVM technology to provide efficient, scalable, and secure transactions. Built on Ethereum's strong security foundations, X1 ensures a robust and reliable environment for decentralized applications. Furthermore, the integration with OKX brings onboard a massive user base, offering substantial liquidity and potential for growth, while the OKX wallet provides a user-friendly gateway to web 3 dApps, enhancing accessibility and usability.

Key Features of Marginly

Marginly, on the other hand, presents a plethora of features tailored to decentralized leverage trading. From decentralized permissionless leverage trading and organic yields for liquidity providers to risk-based loan pricing and the ability to swap any asset via integrated DEXs, Marginly is at the forefront of DeFi innovation. Moreover, future enhancements, including option strategies and deleveraging in the upcoming v2 of the protocol, promise even more comprehensive and sophisticated functionalities.

DEX Superpowers and Leverage Trading Baselayer

Marginly's integration with decentralized exchanges (DEXs) empowers these platforms in unprecedented ways. By offering leverage as a service to spot AMM DEXs and providing easy integration with minimal development work, Marginly facilitates the expansion of trading capabilities within DEXs. Moreover, its proprietary order router enables efficient trade routing to any integrated DEX, thereby boosting trading volume and fees for DEXs at no additional cost.

In its ambition to become the leverage trading baselayer for X1, Marginly endeavors to integrate all major DEXs within the network. This will enable Marginly users to take advantage of the liquidity across connected DEXs, ensuring best in class user experience for swaps and leveraged trades.

Marginly x X1: Testnet Launch

The recent launch of Marginly on X1's testnet marks a pivotal milestone in the journey towards a fully integrated ecosystem. By integrating with the OKX wallet and making its debut on the X1 testnet, Marginly solidifies its position as a key player within the X1 ecosystem, aiming to provide OKX users with a seamless transition to web 3 DeFi solutions.

Testnet Access

For individuals eager to experience Marginly's integration with X1 firsthand, the X1 testnet can be accessed at A faucet for testnet tokens has been set up in the Marginly Discord channel.

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