New Partners in Leveraged Yield Farming—Marginly ❤️ Pendle

New Partners in Leveraged Yield Farming—Marginly ❤️ Pendle

Interested in farming yield-bearing assets—but with leverage? Marginly and Pendle are linking up to enable you to do just that. Marginly is a platform that facilitates leveraged yield farming across DeFi, and Pendle is the permissionless yield-trading protocol that lets users execute yield management strategies.

What this offers to you, the yield farmer—

  • Leveraged liquidity from Marginly
  • Yield-bearing assets from Pendle 
  • Sparks from Marginly to participate in the Marginly airdrop
  • 1-click trading inside the Marginly platform

How it works

How to start earning yield from Pendle with leverage from Marginly? The steps—

  1. Start on Pendle to get Principal Tokens (PTs) for Ethereum or Arbitrum pools that are supported by Marginly
  2. Connect your crypto wallet to Marginly 
  3. Deposit your PTs into Marginly pools as margin
  4. Use that margin to get up to 10X more PTs
  5. Hold your PTs until their maturity dates to get the implied APY from Pendle 
  6. Enjoy boosted APYs because you’re using Marginly leverage

What else can juice your returns? Sparks✨ If you like airdrops, then you need Sparks from Marginly. Earning Sparks by farming leveraged yield makes you eligible to participate in Marginly’s upcoming native token airdrop.

Pendle and Marginly are both hot right now

We’re obviously biased, but—this collab makes so much sense. Marginly brings leveraged trading to Pendle to maximize your APYs from Principal Tokens, enabling Marginly users to earn implied APYs up to 165%! 🔥 

You might like this partnership for the Sparks—but love it for the yields. Assuming that you don’t get liquidated—a potential risk if you don’t watch your position and your PT deviates from principal—you may earn consistently awesome yields just by holding your leveraged position in Principal Tokens to maturity. Marginly 🤝 Pendle makes leveraged yield farming pretty simple.

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